[ISEA2022] Presentations

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Other Plenary Sessions

  • ISEA International — Annual General Meeting

Invited Talk

Long Papers

Humans and NonHumans

Nonhuman Creativity, and Agency

Sonic and audiovisual interfaces

Rituals, Consciousness, and Technology

Complexity Research and Practice

Human Nonhuman Encounters and Distractions

Ecology of Natural and Technical Systems

Beyond Black Box Machines

Mental, Hallucinatory, and Predictions

Generative, Locative, and Environments

Technical and Haptics Realities

Nature and Worlds

Possible listenings and recordings

Immersive environments

Critical Robotics

Ecologies and biotechnical relationships

Futures and Heritages

Algorithms, machine learning and audiovisual heritage

Sonic experimentations

Mixed media heritage digitizing

Meta interfaces and media spaces

New media art archives

Histories and collections

Educations and Societies

Electronic art in higher education and artistic residencies

Virtual and mixed reality

Multisensory installation and inmersive storytelling

Practice-based research STEAM

Vernacular creativity and reflective practices

Remote Full Paper Presentations

Space and architecture

The space as a representation

Innovative and collaborative strategies for the students development

Humans and non-humans in an earth context

Short Papers

Futures and Heritages

New strategies for design and architecture 

Digital preservation: resignifying memory and oblivion

Critical research, Maker culture and art studios

Humans and NonHumans

Aesthetic experience and speculation

Algorithms, control and agencies

Humans, machines and creativity

Dataviz, body and cognition

Educations and Societies

Participatory practices and institutional change

Labs, networks and 3D immersive telepresence

Natures and Worlds

Visualizing enviromental data

Data, performances and urban environments

Ecosystems and hibryd agencies

Remote Short Paper Presentations

Visual learning in virtual environments

Processes and infrastructures in creative and artistic products

Technology and creative processes in a changing environment

Panels and Roundtables


Remote Panels

Public Panels


Artist Talks

Mediated spaces

Speculative environments

Experiencing the Anthropocene. A Transdisciplinary Journey Through Earth

Human and Non-Human Bodies: A Dialogue

Time and Space: Zooming in/out

AI, Art and Machines

Scale and the Poilitical of Other Living Systems

Art, Interactivity and Participation

Sound, Data and AI

Curated Artist Talk

Remote Artist Talks

Creative process, performative expression and perception of reality

Institutional Presentations

Medialabs, research and practices

Ecological citizenship

Possibles landscapes

Futures and speculations

Heritage community and citizenship

Art schools


Networks and communities

Machines, politics and sustainability

Practice-based artistic research

Art centers and art residencies

Arts and science

Remote Institutional Presentations

Art and environment


Art centers and art residencies


Extended Programme Presentations


2nd SNMAA Papers and Talks


New Media Art Archiving

Tools and Methodologies

New Media Art Archives & Museums

New Media Art Archiving and Ethics

Archive Presentations

Individual Artists & Archiving

Artist Talks

New Media Art Archiving Around the World

2nd SNMAA Panels and Roundtables


Tools and Methodologies

New Media Art Archiving and Museums


New Media Art Archiving

New Media Art Archiving and Ethics