[ISEA2022] Paper: Rocio von Jungenfeld — Rebalancing media in environments: analysing flows of action


Full Paper. Session: Humans and NonHumans / Generative, Locative and Environments

Keywords: projections, assemblages, actors, meshworks, post-humanism

An exploration into how portable projections can serve to counterbalance the bias towards screen-based media experiences and how these projection devices can contribute to a more texture-based understanding of the relationships between environments and their constitutive actants. The constantly changing relationships between media and things enable the construction of a sense of place which moves and flows. To undertake this exploration, I use a three-fold method to analyse site-specific video walks (The Surface Inside, I-Walk, and (wh)ere land), draw on nascent thoughts derived from a series of workshops about flows, environments materials, and resonance, and engage with critical discussions about space, assemblages and materiality.

  • Rocio von Jungenfeld is a German/Spanish creative practitioner and media researcher based at University of Kent (UK), working in embodied perception and how media art and technology alter human-non-human interactions in environments. Her creative practice involves collaborative, interdisciplinary, and participatory media production; hybrid / immersive installations; outdoor-mobile projections; interaction design; and art in public space. In collaboration with Dave Murray-Rust, she won the British Computer Society A.I. Award (Lumen Prize 2019). She is part of two large research projects: Playing A/Part & SOCORRO. She obtained her PhD and MSc at University of Edinburgh (UK), and her BFA at University of Barcelona (Spain). She has presented her artistic, collaborative and research work in venues such as ZKM, IBM, Scottish National Gallery, EISF, NTAA, MAN-Singapore, EIF, National Museum of Scotland, Talbot Rice Gallery, Margate Festival, I-Park (US), ACM CHI and C&C, EvoMusArt, Leonardo, ISEA, AMPS, and NECS. http://rociojungenfeld.eu