[ISEA2022] Paper: Patrícia Gouveia, Luciana Lima, Anna Unterholzner & Diana Carvalho — The expanded world of invisible images: BLIND REVIEW’s and BLIND REVIEW’s artworks


Full Paper. Session: Educations and Societies / Multisensory installation and immersive storytelling

Keywords: Invisible Images, Complexity, Mediated Aesthetics, Expanded Imagery

Image apprehension is a dynamic biological process where our brain receives data and converts it according to previous memories. To experience and understand images, we take simultaneously the role of observers and subjects in action. Our perception is embodied and situated in a world that can be both real and virtual. We receive images all around us and we anticipate movements and project our actions in the world. The role of interaction and plasticity in live-wired and embodied experiences, together with augmented technologies, are shaping and expanding human perception. Anna Unterholzner’s and Diana Carvalho’s artworks explore invisible and expanded imagery to reflect about arts-based research as knowledge creation, production, and dissemination.

  • Anna Unterholzner attends the PhD in Fine Arts (Multimedia Art Department) at the Fine Arts Faculty at Lisbon University, Portugal. She completed her Master’s degree in Modern and Contemporary European Philosophy in 2019 at the Luxembourg University and received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and Social Sciences in 2016 at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria. She is currently a research collaborator at Interactive Technologies Institute ITI/LARsyS, Laboratory for Robotics and Engineering Systems, IST. Anna Unterholzner’s research focuses on transdisciplinary art and design territories that merge arts and emotions, neuroaesthetics, gaming, interactive media, and gender equity.​
  • Diana Carvalho (Lisbon, PT, 1986), lives and works in Lisbon. She holds a degree in Painting (2009) and a Master in Contemporary Artistic Practices (2012) from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto, Portugal, and she is currently a PhD student in Fine Arts (Multimedia Art Department) at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon, whith a studenship funded by FCT – Portuguese national funding agency for science, research and technology. Currently she is a researcher collaborator at ITI/LARsyS research center. Her work has been shown since 2009 in solo and group exhibitions. In 2012 she was awarded the prize BES Revelation (8th edition). In 2020 she held the art residency Paralaxe in Porto and has been participated in other art residencies in Clermont-Ferrand, Budapest, Porto and Lisbon from 2017 onwards.
  • Luciana Lima has a PhD in Psychology from the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto, PT. Luciana Lima is currently doing post-doctoral studies at the Multimedia Department at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon with a scholarship from ARDITI, ITI – Interactive Technologies Institute / LARSyS, Laboratory for Robotics and Engineering Systems, IST. She is an effective member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association and her current research interests focus on the intersection between gender, digital games, and gaming culture. Luciana Lima research focus the hegemony of games as interactive and artistic media and their social impacts, with an emphasis on gender equality.
  • Patrícia Gouveia is Associate Professor at Lisbon University Fine Arts Faculty (Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade de Lisboa), Portugal. Integrated member of ITI – Interactive Technologies Institute / LARSyS, Laboratory for Robotics and Engineering Systems, IST. Co-curator of the Playmode exhibition (Brazil: CCBB Belo Horizonte, CCBB Rio de Janeiro, CCBB São Paulo and CCBB Brasilia 2019_2023) and Portugal: (MAAT Lisbon 2016-2019). Works in Transmedia Arts and Design since the nineties. Her research focus on playable media, gaming, interactive fiction and digital arts as a place of convergence between cinema, music, games, arts and design. More information here: https://fbaul.academia.edu/PatriciaGouveia/CurriculumVitae.