[ISEA2022] Lightning Talk: Eveline Wandl-Vogt, Elian Carsenat & Dario Rodighiero — UNCOPIED.ART: Making the original truly unique: Introducing a blockchain for GLAM institutions


Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving
June 11, MACBA – Convent dels Àngels. Lightning Talk

Keywords: unique art, blockchain, NFT, emerging technologies, new technologies for archiving

This lightning briefly introduces the conceptual aspects of uncopied.art, an endeavour with the mission to make ORIGINAL truly UNIQUE, with physical and digitally immutable certificates of authenticity, expertise, inventory that will outlive us. In the talk the authors discuss the core values, offering a closer view to the workflow of certification.

The authors focus on the opportunities, UNCOPIED may offer for archiving and aim to jointly discover potential risks and pitfalls going along with implementing this emerging technology for the long run in archives. Furthermore, the audience will be introduced to the recent case study that relies on a collaboration with LCMA, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

As a byproduct of securing art works on a transparent blockchain, UNCOPIED makes available its own dataset to scientists interested to work with open data for research purpose. UNCOPIED aims to provide innovative methods to secure digital collections by making metadata public. A scientific committee is in charge of making the dataset accessible in the respect of stakeholders interests, privacy and ethical concerns.

The authors briefly discuss the current non-hierarchical organizational setting of UINCOPIED and outline its necessity against the background of Open Innovation and its meaning in the progress of innovation. https://uncopied.art/about

  • Eveline Wandl-Vogt (AT) is a thinker and maker, knowledge designer, creative experimentalist and innovator. Against a background of Art Driven Innovation, Humanity Centered Design and Open Innovation, she is facilitating Social Innovation for the purpose of good, contributing to invent inclusive, sustainable. Responsible futures. Eveline is foundress and orchestra of exploration space (at) ÖAW and foundress and Director of Ars Electronica Research Institute “knowledge for humanity”. She is affiliated to metaLab (at) Harvard, and is ambassador for “knowledge for humanity” of the Republic of Uzupis. Eveline is chair of the scientific committee of uncopied.art.
  • Elian Carsenat (FR) is a computer scientist trained at ENSIIE/INRIA, started his career at JP Morgan in Paris in 1997. He later worked as consultant and managed business & IT projects in London, Paris, Moscow and Shanghai. In 2012, Elian created NamSor, a piece of sociolinguistics software to mine the ‘Big Data’ and better understand international flows of money, ideas and people. NamSor helps answer the perennial question all countries ask about their diasporas – who are they, where are they and what are they doing. In 2020, NamSor is building new APIs to estimate risk for gender, racial or ethnic biases in applying machine learning or other artificial intelligence to decision making that affects People’s lives. Elian is founder and CEO of uncopied.art.
  • Dario Rodighiero works at Harvard University, USA. He is affiliated at the Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society and a postdoc of the Metalab. His capacity at the intersection of visual studies, data science, and digital humanities makes him comfortable in multiple disciplines. With Metis Press, he published in 2021 Mapping Affinities.www.var-mar.info