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ISEA201723nd International Symposium on Electronic Art [ISEA2017]

Manizales, Colombia 11 June – 18 June, 2017, Organised by the Universidad de Caldas


The first ISEA in South America, in the coffee district of Colombia. This event came for the first time to a Spanish-speaking country to recognize the biocultural heritage of a megadiverse country. For that reason, ISEA2017 selected the topic Bio-creation and Peace, as a central topic which invited to reflect on the role of art, design, science and technology, in the look for alternatives to respect this biodiversity, and pacific connivance between communities and environment. About 1.400 authors from 44 countries were presented in this call.

France Digital

For more than 30 years, France has been holding the Cross Year, a bilateral cooperation programme considered as a project of excellence around the world, allowing cultural and academic exchanges through different events. This year, Colombia is part of this programme, which is for the first time in a Spanish-speaking country and will be developed in two stages: one season France in Colombia until July, followed by a season Colombia in France until December.
In the frame of the Colombia-France Year, an initiative led by the French Institute, the Embassy of France and the Ministry of Culture of Colombia, the 16th International Image Festival/the 23th International Symposium on Electronic Art ISEA2017 present France Digital, a panorama that brings together in Manizales the avant-garde of French digital creation as an opportunity to project its leadership in contemporary creation and innovation through art and digital technology, and to accompany Colombia on the road to peace.
There will also be the presence of participants and French guests, who come to the country as part of the calls and activities proposed by ISEA International and the Universidad de Caldas for the realization of this joint event.


Organising Committee

  • Felipe C. Londoño: Symposium Director
  • G. Mauricio Mejía: Symposium Deputy Director
  • Julián Jaramillo & Andrés Burbano: Academic Chairs
  • Walter J. Castañeda & Sergio Sierra: Artistic Directors
  • Liliana M. Villescas & Héctor F. Torres: Learning Chairs
  • Adriana Gómez & Nina Czegledy: Indigenous Program Chairs
  • Carlos A. Escobar: Keynotes Coordinator
  • Paula López & Cristina Sabogal: Production Managers
  • Monica A. Arango: Ipc Coordinator
  • Maria Camila Hurtado: Communications / Design

International Programme Committee




Partners, Sponsors & Funders

  • Gobierno de Colombia
  • International Image Festival
  • Institut Français
  • Colombia Co
  • Todos por un nuevo país

Other Plenary Sessions

  • ISEA2017 Annual General Meeting


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