[ISEA2022] Paper: Pau Alsina — Possible and impossible: a look from speculative art and design


Extended Programme Presentation
May 18 , La Llotja School of Art & Design and Online

The aim of this talk is to share some reflections on the role of design as a builder of worlds, possibles or impossibles, probables or unlikely, in connection with the event that will take place this year 2022, in Barcelona and 11 other cities, ISEA2022 Barcelona, the 27th International Symposium on Electronic Art. An international event of reference in the intersections between art, design, science, technology and society, in which institutions, creators and communities related to this fertile transversal field will take part, called to explore together the concept of the “Possibles”.

The Possible shapes our reality, and that is precisely why it is a political problem in itself. From “everything is possible” to “being realistic and asking for the impossible”, from “infinity of possible worlds” to “this is not possible and cannot be done”. How to draw the new possibilities that will come, and not just confirm the ones that are waiting to be confirmed, experienced and thought, as possibilities that can be realized from our worldview? How to go from the impossible, the fable or the utopia to bite directly into our reality?


  • Pau Alsina (ES) is chair of ISEA2022