[ISEA2022] Paper: Clarissa Ribeiro — Inhaling Quantum Consciousness: Ecological Vibrational Possibles


Full Paper. Session: Humans and NonHumans / Rituals, Consciousness and Technology

Keywords: Vibrational Theory of Olfaction (VTO), Biochemical Art, Moistmedia, Molmedia, Pure Pigment

Standing as a biochemical art manifesto on the subatomic vibrational information engrained in the pure pigments extracted from Pink and Golden Trumpet trees’ flowers, “Inhaling Quantum-Consciousness” (2021-2022) explores information exchange in relation to the human body from a cross-scale perspective, speculating on the impact the experience can make in the audience from a quantum understanding of the mechanisms of olfaction.

Navigating the contemporary debate on the Vibrational Theory of Olfaction (VTO) as a quantum mechanism, there is a rising hope it can lead us to an understanding of the biological world more as ‘energy interchanging in charged playgrounds’ and less as related to molecules’ shape-dependent trades. This can teleport our understanding of the biological as ‘moist’ to the biological as ‘molist’ – crossing scales in complementary moves from the molecules-atoms-bits’ realm of moistmedia to the charged ‘scale free’ panpsychist realm of molmedia. As the third move in a series of works that starts as invitations to explore humans’ body molecular informational exchanges with the microbial, the paper presents and discusses the genesis of the installation ’Inhaling Quantum-Consciousness’ in a direct dialogue with Hélio Oitica’s appropriation of Russian Suprematism aesthetics and structural principia, expanding the use of the pure pigment to an experiment in biochemical art.

  • Clarissa Ribeiro (BR) is a multimedia artist and researcher with interest in cross-scale information and communication dynamics that impacts human-nonhuman behavior and other macro-scale emergent phenomena, exploring in her more recent projects the metaphysics of information-visualization in subversive morphogenetic strategies that welcome the animic to navigate ecologies as cosmologies. http://www.clarissaribeiro.com/index.html