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5th International Symposium on Electronic Art [ISEA94]

Helsinki, Finland
August 23-28, 1994

Presented by the University of Art & Design Helsinki (UIAH), in collaboration with the Sibelius Academy, Theater Academy, the Museum of Contemporary Art, MuuMediaFestival and IMAGE Magazine. 


The ISEA’94 conference was held at the Marina Congress Centre, the UIAH, the Auditorium of the Finnish Film Foundation and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Workshops were given at the UIAH and the Sibelius Academy. The main Art Exhibition was held at the Museum for Contemporary Art, other exhibits took place at the Customs Office & Warehouse Building, Otso Gallery, CompuCafe and Post Area. Performances were given at Club Tavastia, 102,4 MHz (Ambient City Radio), Cultural Centre of Eastern Helsinki (STOA) and Internet. The 5 programmes of the Electronic Theatre was held in the Old Harbour Warehouse K13. An ‘e-club’ (open 9 pm – 4 am) was organised at Vanha + club ZOO.  As the closure of ISEA94 a cruise trip to St. Petersburg was organised, including a meeting with local media artists.  ISEA’94 was supported by the Ministry of Education, the Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture (AVEK), the Finnish Film Foundation, the Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE) and the City of Helsinki. ISEA’94 was endorsed by the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts and ISAST.

Introductory Notes

  • Philip Dean, Media Lab UIAH
  • Yrjo Sotamaa, Rector, UIAH — Welcome
  • Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Minister of Education — Welcome



Organizing Committee

  • Minna Tarkka [1960-2023], Programme Director
  • Susanna Koskinen, Programme Co-ordinator
  • Kari Happonen, Producer
  • Olli-Pekka Kallio, Technical Co-ordinator
  • Raija Berg, Registration

Steering Committee

  • the rector of the UIAH
  • the director of the UIAH Further Education Centre
  • and others


  • Olli-Pekka Heinonen, Minister of Education

International Program Committee

  • Roy Ascott (UK), CAIIA/Gwent College
  • Jean-Babtiste Barriere (France), IRCAM
  • Red Burns (USA), New York University, TISCH Program
  • Anne-Marie Duguet (France), Universite de Paris I
  • Ross Harley (Australia), TISEA
  • Theo Hesper (Netherlands/Indonesia), Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
  • Erkki Huhtamo (Finland), Curator
  • Derrick de Kerckhove (Belgium/Canada), University of Toronto, Mc Luhan Program
  • Machiko Kusahara (Japan), Curator
  • Roger Malina (USA), ISAST/Leonardo
  • Margaret Morse (USA), University of California
  • Simon Penny (Australia/USA), Carnegie Mellon University
  • Wim van der Plas (Netherlands), Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
  • Christine Schopf (Austria), Ars Electronica
  • Jeffrey Shaw (Australia/Germany), ZKM
  • Roman Verostko (USA), FISEA’93
  • John Vince (UK), Hughes Rediffusion Simulation

Exhibition Committee

  • Asko Mäkelä
  • Päivi Talasmaa
  • Jukka Mallinen
  • Maija Elo
  • Erkki Huhtamo


  1. Catalogue (PDF)
  2. Overview (PDF)