[ISEA2022] Artist Talks: Paul Alsina & Susanna Tesconi (Curators) — Machine Person: Artificial Intelligence and creation

Artists Statement

Extended Programme Presentation
April 20 – June 5, Sala Beckett

The debate over the complex phenomenon of the human / machine relationship is quite current. Beyond the technological complexity, with the Màquina Persona cycle, curated by Paul Alsina and Susanna Tesconi, Sala Beckett, in collaboration with UOC, wants to feed the reflections around Artificial Intelligence based on philosophical and artistic assumptions in hybrid creation processes.

Machines and people together exploring the fertile ground of creativity and intelligence. What similarities do they have? And what are the differences? Are we talking about the same thing? Or do they have nothing to do? Can we imagine that one will be able to replace the other one day? Or will they become great allies in creation from their uniqueness and difference? Who will end up dominating whom?

Full programme: https://www.salabeckett.cat/intercanvi/maquina-persona

  • Paul Alsina, Chair of ISEA2022
  • Susanna Tesconi is lecturer in Computer, Multimedia and Telecommunications Studies at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC), she has a PhD in Education from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and is a member of the DARTS group, which is carrying out research on the intersections between art, technology, and society. https://www.cccb.org/en/participants/file/susanna-tesconi/231525