[ISEA2022] Paper: Claudio Filho & Fernanda Oliveira — KŌDOS: multiple investigations through art, science, and technology


Short paper, theme: Natures and Worlds: Data, performances and urban environments
Venue: CCCB, date: June 15

Keywords: Art, Science, Technology, Nature, Anthropocene

This article proposes multiple investigations intended to make a poetic and speculative provocation of other operating systems that support society, ecosystems, and the Earth. By speculating the organizational arrangements of non-humans with technology, we can expand the possibilities of creating operational dynamics that help us to face the obstacles of the Anthropocene.

The artistic poetics produced related to science and nature increased prominence as they incorporated political, technological, and social changes into their discourse aware of the environmental crises and their connection with the capitalist economic program. Hitherto, the union between artists and scientists has inspired works that, in general, incorporate new forms of organization between organic systems, technologies, and symbolic processes. Many contemporary artists conduct their projects through multispecies collaborations and work with a high potential for questioning and formulating non- hegemonic knowledges. This paper focuses on the recent KŌDOS experiments, a Brazilian art collective, which aims to investigate the visual poetics in relations with non-human organisms (living and non-living) and technologies to provide alternative and speculative models to inhabit the Earth. KŌDOS is composed by Claudio Filho and Fernanda Oliveira both members of ACTlab – laboratory for arts, science, and deviant technologies hosted at Universidade Estadual de Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil. https://www.actlab.art.br

  • Claudio M. Filho (Campinas, ES) artist-researcher focusing on the fields of Art, Technology, and Nature. He is a doctoral student in Visual Arts at UNICAMP (Brazil) where he researches practical-theoretical collaborations between non-living and digital (systems. Master in Arts, Culture, and Languages at UFJF (2019) and Bachelor of Arts and Design / UFJF (2016). Member of ACTlab – Laboratory of Art, Science, and Deviant Technologies and founder-member of KŌDOS collective.
  • Fernanda Oliveira is Multimedia artist and researcher. Master’s student in Visual Arts at UNICAMP (Brazil)