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16th International Symposium on Electronic Art [ISEA2010]

Ruhr Area, Germany
August 20 – August 29, 2010

Presented by Medienwerk North Rhine Westphalia and Hartware MedienKunstVerein (HMKV) 


ISEA2010 was part of RUHR2010, the manifestation of the Ruhr area as the Cultural Capital of Europe in the year 2010. ISEA2010 RUHR took place in the three Cities of Essen, Dortmund and Duisburg one after another. The main exhibitions ran in Dortmund throughout the days of the symposium. The conference took place at the Volkshochschule in Dortmund, the PACT Zollverein (former coal mine complex) in Essen and the Festival Centre of Duisburg. PACT was also the location of workshops, an exhibition, a number of installations and performances. The main Art Exhibition was held at the Museum fuer Kunst und Kulturgeschichte (MKK), Dortmund. A pre-opening event under the name TRUST as well as an E-Culture Fair took place as part of ISEA2010 in Dortmund’s U-Tower. A Concert programme was scheduled at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen. Under the motto Return of the Pilots a special programme was organised at Ruhrort, an historic district of Duisburg (see below). Many events and installations were staged in public space.

Return of the Pilots

On the second weekend of ISEA2010 RUHR artists, realists and utopians convene under the motto “Return of the Pilots” for a meeting full of courage, scepticism and hope while taking in the view over the flat horizon of the Lower Rhine. The City of Duisburg is home to Europe’s largest inland port, located in the Ruhrort district at the mouth of the Rhine and the Ruhr. It has been one of the most important trading centres connecting Central Europe, Western Europe and the Rhine axis not just since industrialisation, when it was used for coal and steel shipping, but as far back as the Middle Ages. Duisburg was, like Dortmund and Essen, a member of the Hanseatic League. The essential reason for the ISEA2010 RUHR Duisburg location is, however, the city’s continuous work in the field of media art in public space, which has been presented here for more than ten years in exhibitions, festivals and major projects.

Introductory Statements

Sponsors and Subsidising Organizations

Funding from:

  • Europe’s Cultural Capital RUHR2010
  • the province of North Rhine Westphalia
  • the City of Dortmund
  • and many other parties. 


Organizing Committee

  • Andreas Broeckmann, ISEA2010 Artistic Director
  • Stefan Riekeles, ISEA2010 Programme Director
  • Tina Ebner, ISEA2010 Manager

Programme Board

  • Dr. Söke Dinkla, Duisburg
  • Stefan Hilterhaus, PACT Zollverein
  • Dr. Inke Arns, HMKV
  • Prof. Dr. Marie-Luise Angerer, KHM Köln

International Program Committee

  • Susanne Ackers
  • Alex Adriaansens
  • Tania Aedo
  • Marie-Luise Angerer
  • Bassam El Baroni
  • Andreas Broeckmann
  • Alberto de Campo
  • Dooeun Choi
  • Florian Cramer
  • Sara Diamond
  • Söke Dinkla
  • Christo Doherty
  • Timothy Druckrey
  • Dieter Gorny
  • Sabine Himmelsbach
  • Amanda McDonald Crowley
  • Tapio Makela
  • Jose Carlos Mariategui
  • Kurt Mehnert
  • Gunalan Nadarajan
  • Julianne Pierce
  • Melinda Rackham
  • Julian Richter
  • Annette Schindler
  • Florian Schneider
  • Pavel Sedlak
  • Yukiko Shikata
  • Ivar Smedstad
  • Rasa Smite
  • Adam Somlai-Fischer
  • Floor van Spaendonck
  • Ingrid Stoppa-Sehlbach

International Art Reviewing Committee

  • Ralph Ammer
  • Inke Arns
  • Clarisse Bardiot
  • Dusan Barok
  • Giselle Beiguelman
  • Tim Boykett
  • Tegan Bristow
  • Paul Brown
  • Jonah Brucker-Cohen
  • Renate Buschmann
  • Danny Butt
  • Rejane Cantoni
  • Venzha Christ
  • Lucrezia Cippitelli
  • Heather Corcoran
  • Geoff Cox
  • Nina Czegledy
  • David d’Heilly
  • Alberto De Campo
  • Boris Debackere
  • Eva DeGroote
  • Aditya Dev Sood
  • Sara Diamond
  • Söke Dinkla
  • Christo Doherty
  • Daphne Dragona
  • Timothy Druckrey
  • Ismail Farouk
  • Monika Fleischmann
  • Gob Foellmer
  • Jose Luis Garcia Nava
  • Sue Gaffer
  • Beryl Graham
  • Dietrich Hahne
  • Kathy Rae Huffman
  • Margarete Jahrmann
  • Susanne Jaschko
  • Radwan Kasmiya
  • Till Kniola
  • Rob La Frenais
  • Thomas Lamarre
  • Deborah Lawler-Dormer
  • Miguel Leal
  • Zilvinas Lilas
  • Joern Joviscach
  • Alessandro Ludovico
  • Victoria Lynn
  • Tapio Makela
  • Atteqa Malik
  • Daito Manabe
  • Aymeric Mansoux
  • Jose-Carlos Mariategui
  • Takashi Matsumoto
  • Amanda McDonald Crowley
  • Christina McPhee
  • Thomas Munz
  • Hiroko Myokam
  • Thomas Neuhaus
  • Sabine Niederer
  • Anne Nigten
  • Andrea Polli
  • Per Platou
  • Ivan Puig
  • Julian Richter
  • Marc Ries
  • Axel Roch
  • Georg Russegger
  • Warren Sack
  • Christopher Salter
  • Holger Schulze
  • Pamela Scorzin
  • Pavel Sedlak
  • Xin Wei Sha
  • Yukiko Shikata
  • Ivar Smedstad
  • Adam Somlai-Fischer
  • Brett Stalbaum
  • Felix Stalder
  • Wolfgang Strauss
  • Mike Stubbs
  • Dominika Szope
  • Georg Tremmel
  • Dot Tuer
  • Michel van Dartel
  • Lukas Van der Velden
  • Ampat Varghese
  • Marion Walton
  • Hiroshi Yoshioka


  1. Proceedings (PDF)
  2. Catalogue (PDF)
  3. TRUST Exhibition Catalogue (PDF)
  4. Programme (PDF)
  5. Photos
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