[ISEA2022] Panel: Bruno Caldas Vianna, Sofian Audry, Rosemary Lee & Ramon de Mantaras — Art Intelligence

Panel Statement 

CCCB Theatre, June 14

Keywords: Artificial intelligence, singularity, cognition, art, creativity

A discussion on the limits of artificial intelligence and how they related to art

While the advances in artificial intelligence in recent years have been astonishing, we are still quite far from the inception of an mechanical intellect that could perform like the human mind. The human qualities which are most challenging to replicate are exactly the ones related to art production and reception: metaphors, analogies, misbehavior, embodiment, contemplation. Will the route to an artificial general intelligence necessarily call at the realm of art? Can we think of a particular type of intelligence related to art that has not yet been obtained by machines?

  • Bruno Caldas Vianna lives in Barcelona, Spain. He is pursuing a doctorate from the Uniarts in Helsinki, Finland, in visual arts and artificial intelligence. He has a degree in Film from Universidade Federal Flumiense in Rio de Janeiro, and a master’s degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. He creates visual narratives in innovative and traditional supports, having done short and feature films, live cinema, augmented reality, mobile apps and installations. He was a resident in Hangar, Barcelona, in 2008; in Laboral, Gijón, with the Vida production award winner project Ionic Satellite Fountain; In Quebec’s La Chambre Blanche and London’s Battlesea Arts Centre, among others. Between 2011 and 2016, he ran Nuvem, a rural space dedicated to art and technology in Brazil. From 2012 and 2018 he taught at Oi Kabum, a school for art in technology in Rio de Janeiro. He is part of the autonomous communications collective Coolab. http://brunocaldasvianna.com
  • Sofian Audry
  • Rosemary Lee
  • Ramon de Mantaras