[ISEA2022] Artist Talks: Manel Alías, Albert Cuesta & Laura Huerga — Altres Veus

Artists Statement

Extended Programme Presentation
march 2022 – nov 2022, Network of Municipal Libraries

Altres Veus is a series of lectures in libraries and live interviews, via the @bibliotequesXBM Instagram channel, to discuss current issues with experts. This year the cycle will be divided into three thematic areas: “Ukraine Special” coordinated by Manel Alías, “Artificial Intelligence and 5G” coordinated by Albert Cuesta and “Persecuted Culture” coordinated by Laura Huerga.

This cycle aims to promote debate, to encourage a critical spirit around current issues. If you want to stay up to date on these topics, check out our proposal and choose the one that works best for you: face-to-face lectures at the library or live interviews on our Instagram.


The Municipal Library Network is made up of more than 225 libraries and 10 library buses, which work together. The libraries of the city of Barcelona are managed by a consortium, formed by the Council of Barcelona. The libraries of the city of Barcelona are part of the Network of Municipal Libraries.