[ISEA2022] Artist Talk: FAD Forum — Artificial Intelligence, Arts and Design

Artists Statement

Extended Programme Presentation
June 17, FAD (Fostering Arts and Design centre)

The FAD Forum is the annual cycle where topics of interest to the professional community of the different creative disciplines are addressed in a transversal way. These topics are always chosen in terms of their social, economic and environmental significance.

In 2022, the FAD Forum will focus on “Artificial Intelligence, Arts and Design”, in other words, in creating in the age of algorithms and data.

The FAD Forum ’22 will be take place during a day of talks and masterclasses on June 17 where architects, designers, artists and craft artists will be able to discover, with the help of great pioneering names in Artificial Intelligence from the current creative scene, what are the opportunities, virtues and dangers that derive from it.

More information about the full program here:

  • FAD, the Fostering Arts and Design is a non-profit association of professionals and businesses connected to design. https://www.fad.cat/en