[ISEA2022] Intro: Amalia Creus (moderator) — Technology and creative processes in a changing environment (Intro and video)

Introductory Statement 

Remote paper presentations, date: June 10

Introduction of the following online presentations:

  1. Rewa Wright & Simon Howden — Extensions of Reality: Plants and the Technological Virtual
  2. Chris Kerich — Perlin noise and sovereign land: Minecraft’s world generation algorithm and colonialism
  3. Andrea Wollensak — Environmental Critical Zones: Reading the Wrack Lines
  4. Erik Nardini Medina — When the others are the machines: the challenge of relating to the new craftsman

  • Amalia Susana Creus Quinteros is Professor in the Faculty of the Information and Communication Sciences of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). She is Online Programme Chair for ISEA2022.