[ISEA2022] Institutional Presentation: Victoria Szabo — Introducing the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community

Institutional Presentation Statement 

CCCB Auditorium, June 14th Session: Networks and communities

Keywords: Digital, arts, media, technology, graphics

The mission of the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Committee is to foster year-round engagement and dialogue within the digital, electronic, computational, and media arts. Our goal is to promote collaboration between artists and the larger computer graphics and interactive techniques community within ACM SIGGRAPH and beyond.

The ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community organizes juried online exhibitions of digital arts, and collaborates on arts-related events and exhibitions at the annual SIGGRAPH and SIGGRAPH Asia conferences, as well as year-round. Our diverse, multi-generational community includes members from academic art and media programs, the professional media arts and game worlds, and scientists interested in the intersection of art and computation. We celebrate digital art history and encourage art-science partnerships at all levels. We also partner with the SIGGRAPH History Committee and ISEA on the development of digital art history archives.

Our most recent online exhibitions were entitled “The Earth, Our Home: Art, Technology and Critical Action” and “Digital Power: Activism, Advocacy, and the Influence of Women Online. We host a monthly presentation and discussion series, SPARKS: Short Presentations of Artworks & Research for the Kindred Spirit to introduce exhibitions and explore a wide range of topics. Introduced in the time of COVID, SPARKS will continue even as the world opens up again.

2021-2022 topics have included/will include:

-Screen Worlds: Net Art & Online Communities
-Immersion, Interactivity, and Altered Realities
-Environmental Issues, Sustainability, Climate Change
-Robotics, Electronics and Artificial Intelligence
-Art, Science and the Invisible World We Live In
-Music in Social VR: Education, Installation, Conferences, and Performance
-Creative Coding: Generative / Algorithmic Art and the Exploration of Authorship and Authenticity
-Data: Visual Perception, Interpretation, and Truth
-Within the Frame: Continuum of the Still Image
-Conversations with Stelarc
-Artists’ Games: Critical and Creative Approaches in New Media Art
-Decolonial Media Art Beyond 530 Years: the future-past vs. coloniality
-Experimental and Expanded Animation: Exploring Artistic Possibilities
-Rediscovering and Reimagining Culture: Digital Art Practice in Asia
Later in the year we plan to hold sessions around the Art and the Metaverse, Pioneers of Digital Art, and others.

  • Victoria Szabo is Chair of the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community. She is also a Research Professor of Visual and Media Studies at Duke University, USA.