[ISEA2022] Paper: Laura Plana Gracia — Towards the Sonic Laboratory: Laboratories’ creative potential

Introductory Statement 

Remote paper presentation, date: June 10. Session: Innovative and collaborative strategies for the students development

Keywords: Laboratories, hacklab, media lab, hackerspaces, laboratory studies

This research re-considers the definition and institution of the sonic laboratory and analyses its creative potential. The transformative potential of the laboratory motivates my investigation, which arises from my interest in the relationships between art, science and technology, which occur in different interdisciplinary disciplines such as sound art.

This research aims to define and establish the sonic laboratory, a hypothetical concept that has not been widely explored, although there are already some examples named as such. This research also investigates the sonic laboratory’s creative potential. Analysing different typologies (science lab, media lab, hacklab, and others), this research presents an open and inclusive description of the laboratory that opposes a technoscientific perspective, following Lori Emerson’s laboratory studies which state, “Labs have never been static, unchangeable, unitary entities with clear-cut histories. https://www.netzzz.net

For the video recording of the presentation see: Amalia Creus — Innovative and collaborative strategies for the students development

  • Laura Plana Gracia (ES/UK) is a curator, artist, and researcher. Currently, she is an MPhil student at CRiSAP – UAL (Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice at University of the Arts London), where studies the new tendencies in curatorial practices in sonic arts.
    In 2006, she graduated in Art History (University of Barcelona). Consequently, studies at Master in Cultural Practices and New Media Art (University Ramon Llull). In 2009, establishes in London where attends the Curating course (Central Saint Martins, UAL). One year after, she was granted to study at MAH Media Art Histories (Donau University, Krems, Austria). In 2011, attends the professional course about New Media Curating, led by Beryl Graham (University of Sunderland). Interested in sound art, science, technology and digital media, she is an active participant in hacking culture.