[ISEA2022] Institutional Presentation: Jon Weinbren — C-CATS — centre for creative arts and technologies at the university of Surrey

Institutional Presentation Statement 

CCCB Auditorium, June 14th Session: Art schools

Keywords: Film, Animation, Digital Arts, Virtual Production, Digital Actors

The Centre for Creative Arts and Technologies (C-CATS) is an interdisciplinary research and production initiative grounded in the media of moving images and related artistic forms.
We embrace film, animation, visual effects, games, interactivity, live performance, immersion, digital theatre and virtual production in all their current and future guises; without forgetting all the artistic and cultural forebears upon which all these modes of expression were built.
C-CATS combines creative expression with technological innovation: a ‘no barriers’ approach through which we can both make great work and facilitate the future of making great work.
We are pleased to showcase latest productions, research outputs and project initiatives, and invite enquiries about collaborative research opportunities in areas such as Virtual Production, Autonomous Digital Actors, AI Assisted Synthetic Imagery and Performance Capture.

  • Jon Weinbren is Programme Director for Film, Animation and Digital Arts at the University of Surrey, and Founding Director of the Centre for Creative Arts and Technologies. Jon previously setup and ran the Games Department at the UK’s National Film and Television School, and brings many years of experience as a filmmaker, screenwriter, producer and director with credits in film, television, animation, VFX, games, commercials, promos and digital arts projects. Jon’s current practice research includes emotion portrayal in autonomous virtual actors, virtual production, machine-learning assisted film production, digital performance, and various other areas where different live, recorded and synthetised media forms collide and coalesce.