[ISEA2022] Poster: Yuqian Sun, Ali Asadipour & Chang Hee Lee — 1001 Nights: An Open-domain Narrative Game Using Text Generation Model

Poster Statement 

June 13-15, CCCB Vestíbul Theatre 

Keywords: Intelligent narrative, machine learning, gaming, storytelling, Artificial Intelligence

To immerse everyday storytelling into real-life contexts in digital interactions, we created a game that turns entities in a story into digital assets that have functional roles. Taking the classic folklore as inspiration, we created 1001 Nights, a co-creative, mix-initiative storytelling game using an existing AI creative writing system. In this game, Shahrzad (driven by the player) needs to tell stories through a dialogue interface, while the King (driven by the AI model) will continue the player’s story in turn. Text from the story is utilised in actual game mechanisms, so that weapon keywords in the game like “sword” or “shield” will turn into equipment that can be used for battle. The game aims to facilitate player engagement and creative interactions through “invading language”, which points to the text that will change the reality in game. https://fakecheese.me/1001-Nights

  • Yuqian Sun is a Chinese AI artist and researcher. She’s currently a doctoral student at Royal College of Art (UK). Inspired by conversations between virtual characters in video games, she produces works that steer with curiosity. Her main art projects focused on AI chatbots, which explore the narrative and intimacy in human-AI interaction.
  • Chang Hee Lee is an Assistant Professor of Industrial Design in School of Engineering and Director of Affective Systems and Cognition lab at KAIST (S. Korea). Chang is interested in finding new meanings for interaction to explore novel methods of communication between human and machine.
  • Ali Asadipour is the academic lead of Computer Science Research Centre, Royal College of Art, UK. Ali worked in leading research groups in the field of computer science, engineering, social sciences and digital health and wellbeing.