[ISEA2022] Artist Talk: EDIVI — Joves, visió i futur (Youth, vision and future)

Artists Statement

Extended Programme Presentation
June 7, Museu del Disseny (Design Museum)

Meeting about design focused on people and the planet as a key to a sustainable future, in the context of the European Year of Young People.

Design, with its processes, methods and tools, allows us to project possible futures. These futures can pose utopian scenarios that propose solutions to both people and planet problems and provide us with a vision and a goal where to look and walk. On the other hand, these futures may also propose dystopian scenarios, where our actions in the present harm ourselves in the future, and makes us think and debate in the world that design creates today and provides us with a vision of the future. where we do not want to go.

At this meeting, students from the design schools of the EDIVI network show us projects that ask questions and propose solutions, looking to the future from the present and visualizing the transformative impact of design on people, society and the planet. The session will have a format of project presentations and open debate.

  • The EDIVI network: Education for design for living, a network of design higher education centers for social innovation and sustainability. http://www.edivi.org