[ISEA2022] Institutional Presentation: Julian Stadon — The Mixed and Augmented Reality Art Organisation: An Overview of Ten Years Since Our Launch at ISEA2013

Institutional Presentation Statement 

CCCB Auditorium, June 15th. Session: Art centers and art residencies

Keywords: Mixed Reality Art, Augmented Reality, Augmentation Aesthetics, Digital Communities, Media Art Organisations

This presentation will provide an overview of the previous ten years of operation for martart.org, or The Mixed and Augmented Reality Art Organisation, as we were originally launched as, as ISEA2013 in Sydney, Australia. Since our launch by the myself, Paul Thomas and Ross Harley marart.org has seen several conceptual transitions and a sound body of outputs, including exhibitions and symposiums in Adelaide, Munich, London, Fukuoka, Merida and Hertfordshire, exhibiting an evolving format that has progressed from defining augmentation and materiality through interface, body and archival politics and approaches, to fashion, privacy, ownership and identity, all in the context of mixed reality discourse. This presentation will showcase these outcomes and discuss how the organization has developed, our current status quo and future directions. https://marart.org

  • The Mixed and Augmented Reality Art Organisation (martart.org) is an open group for researchers dealing with mixed reality art focusing on augmentation aesthetics. It has a specific (conceptual) focus on convergent realities as art mediums and the theoretical discourses that surround this field. Founded in 2013 and launched at ISEA2013 Sydney, we are the world’s first Arts organistaion dedicated to Arts-based research and practice that uses the aesthetics of augmentation to explore and engage with the world and interface the public with the prominent issues of our time. Most recently we have positioned our focus on the Augmentation of Ecological Aesthetics for the Post-Anthropocenic Era. https://marart.org
  • Julian Stadon is an artist, designer, curator, researcher, and educator. His nomadic practice-based research interfaces art, bio-digital entanglements, identity, embodied interactivity, food ecologies, sustainability, culture and society. His PhD examines Post-Biological Identity and Augmentation Aesthetics through the Data Body Trader project, his establishment of The Mixed and Augmented Reality Art Organisation and the iterative processes, outcomes and conclusions resulting from those endeavours. Stadon has presented and his work and been academically active for nearly twenty years across five continents and currently teaches on the Interface Cultures program at Kunstuniversität Linz. He also runs an experimental agriculture project TeleAgriCulture and often works with Stadtwerkstatt, V2_, Donautics and Schwemmland. http://julianstadon.net/#/