[ISEA2022] Panel: Andrew Newman, Robert Fischer & Claudia Carter — Implementing STEAM approaches in Higher Education

Panel Statement 

June 16, Canòdrom
Co-organised by Hac Te – Hub d’Art, Ciència i Tecnologia and the Institut Ramon Llull. Extended Programme, Public Event

Keywords: STEAM, Higher Education, innovation, curriculum, transdisciplinary cultures, interdisciplinary collaboration

STEAM INC is the first focused attempt to collect and codify European approaches to STEAM in Higher Education. While the work is exploratory and should not be considered comprehensive, the collected approaches can however offer a preliminary framework for further mapping of STEAM in Higher Education, stimulate dialogue about the perceived nature, principles and parameters of STEAM and provide inspiration for those looking to develop and introduce STEAM approaches of their own.

Collaborators: Andrew Newman, Heather Barnett, Claudia E. Carter, Nathan Cohen, Robert Fischer, Adrian Holme, Kathryn Burns, Tom Cahill-Jones, Charmaine Stint, Laura Veart, Jo Berry, Annette Naudin, Alessandro Columbano, Henriette Greulich, Daniel Lordick, Lisa Nickolaus, Jaana Brinck, Eva Durall, Teemu Leinonen, Natasa Brouwer-Zupancic, Frank Nack, Andre Nusselder, Jacobijn Sandberg, Mairead Hurley, Jean O’Shea, Shaun Ussher

  • Andrew Newman (Vienna, Austria) Producer, European Platform for Digital Humanism at Ars Electronica
  • Claudia Carter (UK), Birmingham City University, Department of the Built Environment
  • Robert Fischer