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Second International Symposium on Electronic Art [SISEA]

Groningen, The Netherlands
November 11-16, 1990

Presented by the Groningen University for Applied Sciences (Rijkshogeschool Groningen, RHG)


SISEA was organized by the Groningen University for Applied Sciences (Rijkshogeschool Groningen, RHG), in particular the departments for Visual Arts (Academie Minerva) and Music (Groningen Music Conservatory) and SCAN, the National Center for Computer Animation. SCAN started in 1988 as a post-academic education and research institute for computer animation and later became the Masters department of the RHG Art and Music Departments, under the name Frank Mohr Institute.

The ISEA conference, main art exhibition and the night of Concerts & Performances as well as the Film & Video Show were held in the Oosterpoort, the main Conference & Theater center of the city of Groningen.

Workshops were held both at SCAN and at the Music Conservatory. Several events were organised in public space, like in the temporary ‘Video Pavilion’ of architect Bernard Tschumi and on a large electronic public display on the central city square.

SISEA got a follow-up in the Rijksmuseum Twenthe in Enschede (rijksmuseumtwenthe.nl), where interactive work of 7 of the SISEA exhibiting artists was shown from Nov. 18 – Dec. 9.


Introductory & Closing Notes

  • Henk Pijlman, Alderman of Culture, City of Groningen — Welcome on behalf of the City of Groningen
  • C.L.H.B. Verstegen, Chairman of the Board of the Groningen University of Applied Sciences —- Welcome on behalf the Groningen Polytechnic
  • Seth Shostak — Introduction to Groningen
  • Wim van der Plas — SISEA: Report and Introduction
  • Michael Girard (SCAN) — Closing and Appreciation Remarks


Committee of Recommendation

  • Henk Vonhoff [1931-2010], the Queen’s Commissioner in the Province of Groningen
  • Jos Staatsen [1943-2006], Mayor of the City of Groningen
  • Arie van der Zwan, Leading Economist

Organising Committee

  • Wim van der Plas, Executive Director
  • Eric Kluitenberg, Artistic Director
  • Ben Warner, General Advisor

Steering Committee

  • L.H.B. Verstegen (Chairman of the Board, Gro­ningen Polytechnic)
  • A. van Hijum (Board Member, Groningen Polytech­nic)
  • G.J. Leijdekkers (Director, Department of Visual Arts, Music & Architecture Academie Minerva, Groningen Polytechnic)
  • H.J.M. van de Vijver (Director, Post Graduate Studies, Academie Minerva)

Exhibition Committee

  • Simon Biggs (Academie Minerva/Middlesex Polytechnic)
  • Eric Kluitenberg
  • Ben Remkes (Academie Minerva)
  • Ebe Treffers (Academie Minerva)
  • Gerrit Velthuis (Academie Minerva)

Technical Team

  • Martin Bartels (SCAN)
  • Erik Bijl
  • George Herfkens (Academie Minerva)
  • Fokke van der Veer
  • Jochem Vos (Academie Minerva)

Co-ordinator General Events

• Emmy Okkerse (RHG)

PR Co-ordinator

• Marlise Vroom (RHG)


  • G.J. Talens

SISEA Secretariat

• Heidi van der Plas-van der Wal

Registration Desk

  • Babs Warner

Graphic Design

• Bas W.M. Ekkers

The Organizing Committee wishes to thank: Tjebbe de Boer (RHG), Ton Kee (RHG), Babs Warner (SCAN), Susan Amkraut (SCAN), Robbert Bloemendaal and many others.

International Programme Committee

  • Virginia Barratt (Australia), Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT)
  • Francois Bayle (France), Institute National de l’Audiovisuel (INA
  • Paul Berg, (NL/USA) Computer Music Association
  • Jurgen Claus (W. Germany/Belgium), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)
  • Donna Cox (USA), SIGGRAPH
  • Charles Csuri (USA), Ohio State University
  • Michael Girard (NL/USA), SCAN
  • Theo Hesper (NL), Foundation for Creative Computer Applications (SCCA)
  • Felix Hess (NL), Rijksuniversiteit Groningen (RUG)
  • Yoichiro Kawaguchi (Japan), Nippon Electronics College
  • John Lansdown (UK), Middlesex Polytechic/Computer Arts Society)
  • Raymond Lauzzana (USA), Arts, Science & Technology Network (ASTN)
  • Tom Linehan (USA), Texas A&M University
  • Roger Malina (USA), International Society for the Arts, Science & Technology (ISAST)
  • Kees van Overveld (NL), Eindhoven University
  • Stephen Pope (USA), Computer Music Journal
  • Christine Schopf (Austria), Ars Electronica


  1. Proceedings (PDF)
  2. Call_for_Papers_&_Participation (PDF)
  3. Final Programme/Book of Abstracts/Catalogue (PDF)
  4. Exhibition Programme (in Dutch) (PDF)
  5. Best of SISEA Videotape Inlay (PDF)
  6. Programme of Concerts and Performances (PDF)
  7. Map of Groningen city centre with all SISEA locations (PDF)