[ISEA2022] Curator Statement: La Mandarina De Newton (Curator) — Hybrid ecosystems in an urban landscape

Curator Statement

Extended Programme Presentations
June 7-15,, Jardí de la Fundació Julio Muñoz Ramonet

The gardens of the Julio Muñoz Ramonet Foundation will host a cycle Hybrid ecosystems in an urban landscape, a series of activities that share scientific knowledge, citizen science, art and journalism.  Full programme of activities:

  • 07/06
    Quantum, Art and Uncertainty
    Dialogue between the artist Paul Thomas and the ICREA (Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies,) professor of the ICFO ( Institute of Photonic Sciences) Maciej Lewenstein
  • 12/06
    The Physics of Dance
    Workshop-talk by Irene Lapuente from Mandarina de Newton within the C13NCI4RT program
  • 13/06
    Sound Map
    By Víctor Jiménez & Marc Aguilar from Bit Lab Cultural SCCL
  • Listening to the birds
    By Eloïsa Matheu of Natura Sonora
  • 14/06
    Mosquito Alert
    By Isis Sanpera, John Palmer, Roger Eritja and Alex Richter-Boix of the UPF (Pompeu Fabra University) and the CREAF (Ecological and Forestry Applications Research Centre)
  • Looking at life
    Dialogue with Rubén Duro from Science into Images
  • Presentation of the book La ciencia de la microbiota
    by Cristina Sáez and the Alicia Foundation. Dialogue with Cristina Sáez
  • 15/06
    Memories of the art and science of smell
    By Rosa Arias, Mar Escarrabill and Isidora Fernández from Science for Change
  • La Mandarina De Newton (Barcelona, Spain) is a cultural company focused on science and technology. Our curious, innovative and non-conformist spirit has led us to explore territories tangential to science, such as art, design or audiovisual language. https://lamandarinadenewton.com/nosaltres