[ISEA2022] Institutional Presentation: Stahl Stenslie — Kulturtanken – Arts for Young Audiences Norway

Institutional Presentation Statement 

CCCB Auditorium, June 14th Session: Heritage community and citizenship

Keywords: Digital Arts, young audiences, media lab

The institutional presentation aims at presenting the institution’s work to produce and disseminate digital art works and culture to all 825.000 pupils in the Norwegian schools. It will outline future and digital art experiences targeting young audiences in the context of schools.

Arts for Young Audiences aims to support projects exploring how digital technologies can be used to i) distribute a portfolio of digital artistic projects to all Norwegian pupils, ii) develop explorative art works that utilize the digital languages and interests of young audiences, and iii) use mobile media and smartphones to present digital arts in new areas and arenas.
For this purpose we have built our own, well equipped Digital Art Lab and development facility.

  • Stahl Stenslie (NO) artist, curator and researcher, specializing in experimental art, embodied experiences and disruptive technologies. His research and practice focus on the art of the recently possible – such as panhaptic communication, somatic sound and holophonic soundspaces; disruptive design for emerging technologies. He has been exhibiting and lecturing at major international events (ISEA, DEAF, Ars Electronica, SIGGRAPH) and moderated symposiums like Ars Electronica (Next Sex), ArcArt and Oslo Lux. As a publisher he is the editor of EE – Experimental Emerging Art magazine www.eejournal.no, he has written numerous scientific articles and co-founded The Journal of Somaesthetics https://journals.aau.dk/index.php/JOS His PhD on Touch and Technologies: https://virtualtouch.wordpress.com. Former professor in new media at The Academy of Media Arts, Cologne; The Oslo National Academy of The Arts; at Aalborg University (DK). Currently head of R&D at Arts for Young Audiences Norway (www.kulturtanken.no)