[ISEA2022] Artist Talk: Rubèn Verdú & Jordi Serrallonga — Els migdies d’Afeli (Afeli’s afternoons)

Artists Statement

Extended Programme Presentation
June 15, Centre d’Art Tecla Sala

A meeting with Rubèn Verdú & Jordi Serrallonga, around the project “Els migdies d’Afeli”.

The conquest of light by hominids is a very important achievement for this evolutionary lineage. The constant interest shown by its members in domesticating it is essential to launching a whole host of practices aimed at fostering the speculative talent of the human species, what we might understand as its imaginative vocation. What elements stimulate this curiosity? Where are they taking us? We must remember that ours is an evolutionary journey in which this curiosity persists.

  • Rubèn Verdú, artist from Barcelona, Spain
  • Jordi Serrallonga, Barcelona, Spain, b. 1969, archaeologist, naturalist and explorer http://www.jordiserrallonga.com