[ISEA2022] Paper: John Desnoyers-Stewart — Star-Stuff: A Shared Immersive Experience in Space


Full Paper. Session: Nature and Worlds / Immersive environments

Keywords: Telepresence, Virtual Reality, Abstract Embodiment, Social Connection, Space Art

Star-Stuff is an immersive experience created to remind immersants of their fundamental connection to humanity and the Universe. Two immersants are spontaneously connected remotely to give them a new perspective on themselves, humanity, and the Universe. In this paper, I describe the design process, decisions, and observations during an exhibition.

Inspired by Carl Sagan and emerging from the ashes of a rejected design, Star-Stuff: a way for the universe to know itself is a unique immersive experience that transforms immersants into galaxies and constellations. The two-player hybrid experience can be used telepresently or in a physical installation, connecting anonymous strangers through abstract virtual bodies. In this paper, I describe my inspiration and the open, intuitive process by which Star-Stuff was developed. I outline design decisions made along the way and present observations made during the artwork’s first public exhibition. http://ispace.iat.sfu.ca/project/star-stuff

  • John Desnoyers-Stewart (CA) is an interdisciplinary artist-researcher who creates immersive installations and performance to encourage new perspectives on immersive technology and to better understand its true potential. Through his artwork and research, he hopes to encourage social connection and collaborative creativity by exploring positive social applications of abstract embodiment in virtual reality.