[ISEA2022] Artist Talk: Students of the IED Barcelona Design Centre — Designing for the Many

Artists Statement

Extended Programme Presentation

February 14 – April 10, IED Design School

Designing for the Many is an interdisciplinary academic laboratory formed by all the students of the IED Barcelona Center de Disseny Master courses. Through creative and experimental practices, DFTM bases its methodology on research through design and design by doing, and aims to investigate the capacity, strategies and impact of design on the construction of our society, questioning cultural, productive, economic and political aspects of it. DFTM explores the limits of the possible and brings them closer to the present continuum.

  • The IED Design School in Barcelona, Spain, offers the following courses:

• Transportation Design
• Fashion Marketing and Communication
• Interior design
• Fashion design
• Fashion Design, Styling and Communication Itinerary
• Product Design
• Product Design, Transport Design Itinerary
• Graphic design