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Fourth International Symposium on Electronic Art [FISEA’93]

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA
November 3-7, 1993

Presented by the Minneapolis College of Art & Design in co-operation with the University of Minnesota (School of Music), the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and endorsed by the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, ISAST/Leonardo and ANAT.


The FISEA’93 conference and workshops were held at the Mineapolis Hilton & Towers. The main exhibition took place at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design, the Concerts & Performances at the Ferguson Recital Hall (University of Minnesota) and the Ted Mann Concert Hall. The Electronic Theater was held at the Walker Art Center.

Introductory & Closing Notes


FISEA’93 is endorsed by:

  • ISEA Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
  • ISAST International Society for the Arts, Sciences & Technology
  • ANAT Australian Network for Art and Technology
  • YLEM Artists Using Science and Technology


Organizing Committee

  • Roman Verostko, Executive Director & Program Chair
  • Joan Klaiber, Executive Assistant

Program Development

  • Program Director: Roman Verostko, Professor, Minneapolis College of Art and Design 
  • Program Committee Coordinator: Dr. Alice Wagstaff, Psychologist 
  • Senior Consultant: Dr. Lloyd Ultan, Music Department, University of Minnesota

International Program Committee

  • Roy Ascott (UK), Professor
  • Annick Bureaud (France), International Directory of Electronic Arts
  • Jurgen Claus, (Germany/Belgium), Professor
  • Ross Harley (Australia), ANAT
  • Craig Harris (USA), ISAST
  • Theo Hesper (Netherlands/Indonesia), Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
  • Itsuo Sakane (Japan), Keio University
  • John Lansdown (UK), Computer Arts Society
  • Nadia Magnenat-Thalmann (Switzerland), Universite de Geneve
  • Roger Malina (USA), ISAST
  • Simon Penny (Australia/USA), SIGGRAPH
  • Wim van der Plas (Netherlands), Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
  • Stephen Pope (USA), Computer Music Journal
  • Christine Schopf (Austria), Ars Electronica
  • Philipe Queau (France), Institut National de l’Audiovisuel
  • Yoshiyuki Abe (Japan), Artist

Electronic Theater Jury 

  • Melisande Charles
  • Bruce Jenkins
  • Barry McMahon
  • Scott Sayre (chair)
  • Neil Sieling
  • Michael Simmons

Event Chairpersons/Curators/Support Services

  • Sound Performance Events/Listening Chamber: Dr. Homer G. Lambrecht, Composer, MIDI Instrumentalist and Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin-River Falls 
  • Electronic Theater and Interactive Art Exhibits: Dr. Scott A. Sayre, Manager of Interactive
    Media, Interactive Media Group. The Minneapolis Institute of Arts 
  • Gallery Installations/Exhibition: Brian Szott, Gallery Director, Minneapolis College of Art and Design 
  • FAX Art Exhibits: Craig Ede, Artist and Teacher 
  • Slide Show: Judith Yourman, Artist and Assistant Professor, St. Olaf College
  • FISEA’93 Workshop Coordinator: Beth Giles, Continuing Studies Program Coordinator, Minneapolis College of Art and Design 
  • FISEA’93 Publications Editor: Susan V. Hanna-Bibus, Grants Manager, Minneapolis College of Art and Design 
  • FISEA’93 Computer Services: Andrew B. Mickel, Computer Center Director, Minneapolis College of Art and Design 
  • FISEA’93 Equipment Manager: Bradford Smith, Media Center Director, Minneapolis College of Art and Design


  • Executive Director: Andrea Nasset, Interim Academic Dean, Minneapolis College of Art and Design 
  • Executive Assistant: Joan F. Klaiber, Office of the President, Minneapolis College of Art and Design / Minneapolis Community Liaison: Phil Lindsay, Arts Economic Development 
  • Data Management: Charles J. Swiszcz, Director of 3-D Shop, Minneapolis College of Art and Design 
  • Public Relations: Anastasia S. Faunce, Public Relations Director, Minneapolis College of Art and Design


Special thanks to: Dana M. Brodt, Millesande Charles, Lisa Daehlin, Mark Feyereisen, John Fillwalk, Linda Fisher, Jan Zita Grover, Bill Haman, Brent Hamilton, Bruce Jenkins, Larry Lamb, Barry McMahon, Thomas E. Morin, Russ Mroczek, Richard Mueller, Aribert Munzner, Richard Paske, Anthony Riddle, Neil Selling, Linda Shapiro, Michael Simmons, Steve Solum, Mark Stanley, Vern Sutton, Alex Tylevich, Fred Zinn

Partners, Supporters & Sponsors


FISEA’93 is presented in partnership with:

  • Minneapolis Community College 
  • The Minneapolis Institute of Arts 
  • Minneapolis Hilton and Towers 
  • University of Minnesota 
  • Walker Art Center 

Supporters & Sponsors

  • Apple Computer, Inc. 
  • Bolger Publications and Creative Printing 
  • Cisco Systems, Inc. 
  • Crash and Sue’s 
  • Cray Research, Inc. 
  • Dennis Fazio, The Minnesota Regional Network Corporation (MRNet) 
  • Hendrick’s Pianos, Edina with special thanks to Ralph Bauer and Bob Hogan 
  • Lamb & Company 
  • 3M Company 
  • Northwest Airlines, Inc. 
  • ProColor, Inc., a full service digital imaging center and custom photo lab 
  • Roger Dodger Music with special thanks to Roger Dumas 
  • Schilling Travel 
  • Silicon Graphics, Inc. 
  • Weyerhaeuser Paper Company 
  • Yamaha Corporation of America, Keyboard Division 
  • Zeos International, Ltd.


  1. Proceedings – Papers (PDF)
  2. FISEA’93 Catalogue (PDF)
  3. Schedule of Events (PDF)