[ISEA2022] Institutional Presentation: Laura Baigorri & Pedro Ortuño — Connected Bodies II. New processes of creation and diffusion of non-face-to-face identity artistic practices

Institutional Presentation Statement 

CCCB Auditorium, June 15th. Session: Practice-based artistic research

Keywords: Art-body, identity, self-representation, connection, non-presence, online

Artistic research project on the new processes of creation and diffusion of identity artistic practices in non-presence (online); specifically on those practices of transmedia society focused on self-representation, self-reference and identity construction.

Artistic research project on self-representation, the body and identity construction, focused on the analysis of new processes of non-face-to-face (online) creation and diffusion. The main objectives are:

1. The identification and characterization, through the analysis of the current Ibero-American artistic panorama, of those artistic practices -photography and audiovisual- based on the self-representation of the individual that use non-presentiality in their creation and/or diffusion process.
2. The creation of a Research Platform on Art and Online IDentity DatArt-ID configured as a device for research, dissemination and transfer of knowledge with free access that allows reflection and debate on the processes of non-face-to-face creation and diffusion of Ibero-American identity artistic practices.
3. The production of artistic work as a result of research.
4. The dissemination and transfer of results through the publication of scientific articles; as well as participation in international exhibitions and congresses disseminating the results of the research carried out.

The impact of the project will manifest itself at different levels: as a research tool for the typological analysis of artistic creation and its forms of diffusion in non-attendance; as an instrument for diffusion research results; as a non-face-to-face creation and diffusion platform, since its use will be promoted as a place from which to carry out creative experiments that explore the axes and discourses of this research; as a communication network between researchers in the area, facilitating the tools that allow the development of meetings, debates and communicative experiences that highlight the cognitive and sensory connection between bodies mediated by technology; as a learning device by activating experiences and seminars in relation to its contents. https://www.ub.edu/archID

  • Laura Baigorri is Senior Lecturer in Media Art. Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Barcelona, Spain. She combines her teaching and research experience with criticism and curation. Main exhibitions: Multiverso (2016-2019) BBVA Foundation Madrid; CTRL+[SELF]: Intimacy, Extimacy and Control in the Age of the Self’s Overexposure (2016), Studio XX Montreal, and Videoarde. Critical video in Latin America and the Caribbean (AECID Instituto Cervantes). She has published: Video in Latin America: A critical history (AECID & Brumaria, 2008).
  • Pedro Ortuño is Professor in Media Art, Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Murcia, Spain. His recent research deals with issues of memory, gender, video art, and transmedia art. He has exhibited his art works in Center ZKM (Karlsruhe); Gasworks (London); Reina Sofía Museum (Madrid); PhotoEspaña (Madrid). He has curated Off-Bolliwood (Reina Sofía National Museum, 2009). He has published La imagen pensativa: ensayo visual y prácticas contemporáneas en el estado español (Brumaria 2018).