[ISEA2022] Paper: Selcuk Artut & Begüm Çelik — Conservation of Multimedia Art: Case Study on Teoman Madra Archive


Second Summit on New Media Art Archiving
June 10, MACBA – Convent dels Àngels. Short paper.

Keywords: technological arts preservation, Teoman Madra, media archive, multimedia art, metadata

This paper focuses on the archival process of the multimedia artist Teoman Madra who is an acclaimed artist creating artworks with technological means of multimedia capabilities between the 1960s to early 2000s. Preserving multimedia artworks is a challenging task that requires comprehensive solutions due to the nature of the always-changing technological environment. It is inevitable that there is a paradigm shift from the traditional approach to preserve the artworks as self-contained physical objects to a broader scope of regarding the artwork as an entity with its tangible and intangible dimensions. This manuscript stands as the debut academic dissemination of the intensive archiving process of the Turkish multimedia artist Teoman Madra and it aims to shed light on the missing answers for the following question, “How did the media arts evolve in Turkey between the 1960s and 2000s?” The cataloging process of the linear media (VHS, BETAMAX, miniDV, negatives, diapositive, etc) and the methodologies implemented for descriptive analysis have been discussed in detail.

  • Selçuk Artut’s (TK) artistic research and production focus on theoretical and practical dimensions of human-technology relations. An author of six books and an editor of one, Artut is an Associate Professor at the Visual Arts and Visual Communication Design Program at Sabanci University, Istanbul where he mainly teaches Sound and Interaction Courses.
  • Begüm Çelik (TK). Multidisciplinary artist Begüm Çelik is pursuing her master’s degree in Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design program under the supervision of Selçuk Artut at Sabancı University (Istanbul) where she completed her B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering in 2021. Her artistic production is fed from her interdisciplinary journey by combining technology and performance since she is engaged with many theater practices