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ISEA2016 Juried Exhibition

ISEA2016 Residency Programme Exhibition

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SAT curated program of dome works 

Digital Synesthesia


  • Jeffrey Shaw, Hsieh Chun-ko, Kuo Chen-wo & Hwang Wang-hwa (Curators) — Giuseppe Castiglione – Lang-Shining New Media Art Exhibition
  • Vick Lang & Jeffrey Shaw — A Tour of the Imperial Garden: The “Immortal Blossoms in an Everlasting Spring”
  • Liu Yu-Shu — Adventures of the Mythical Creatures at the National Palace Museum
  • Mo Luk & Jeffrey Shaw — Another Kind of Chess Game
  • Victoria Lu — Castiglione’s Road to China Three Hundred Years of Memories: Eight Thousand Miles of Travel
  • Jeffrey Shaw & N7 communication — Copperplate Engravings with Sound Effects
  • Sarah Kenderdine, Jeffrey Shaw, Leith Chan & Huib Nelissen — Discover the Painting in Castiglione’s Drawing
  • Shu-youn Chang & Pu Chen — Documenting Victory in Etching: A Documentary about Giuseppe Castiglione’s Art and Emperor’s Victorious Engravings
  • Jeffrey Shaw & Mo Luk — Everyone can paint “One Hundred Horses”
  • Jeffrey Shaw, Zaffer Chan & Eunice Cheun — Explore Castiglione’s Painted Flora and Fauna
  • Jeffrey Shaw — Interactive “One Hundred Horses” Scroll
  • Jeffrey Shaw — Interactive Folding Fan
  • N7 — Reflections of the Peacock
  • Jeffrey Shaw & Leith Chan — Spectral Flowers
  • National Palace Museum — The Emperor’s One Hundred Horses: New Media Animation of the One Hundred Horses

Just Dig/It

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Artistic Satellite Events

Exhibition: The 5th Large-Scale Public Media Arts Exhibition: Human Vibrations

No References: A Revisit of Hong Kong Video and Media Art from 1985

Smart Cit­ies and Media Architecture

  • Tanya Toft & Susa Pop — Turning the City into a medium: stories of media arts city [see ISEA2016 Presentations]
  • Christian Clark, Tobias Klein & Tomas Laurenzo — Virtual Reality workshop [see ISEA2016 Workshops]