[ISEA2016] Artists Statement: Moving moving-images — Journey to the West

Artists Statement

Satellite Event: No References: A Revisit of Hong Kong Video and Media Art from 1985

Moving Moving-Image (2014) was created as a 6-tv-set moving sculpture cluster with choreographed movements displaying found video clips from our popular cinema. The only way to inspect this work is through a live-performance. During the 2 grand opening weekends, our artist Bill Tam and his team will perform this 15-minute scored work for your inspection.
“This is a “new” medium for narrative. I name it “moving moving-images,” a new relation between theater space and cinematic space.”
_Bill Tam

  • Moving Moving Images (MMI), HK, is a video art performance group. During our performance, actors and movable TV sets interact on the stage to tell a story, or rather, to construct something more simple: a relationship between moving images, spaces and human actors. We performed in numerous occasions in Shanghai, Taiwan, Guangzhou and Hong Kong, including the 11th Shanghai Biennale. floatingprojectscollective.net/collective/mmi