[ISEA2016] Artist Statement: Jaffa Lam Laam — I’m listening, heartbeating, handworking

Artist Statement

Satellite Event: The 5th Large-Scale Public Media Arts Exhibition: Human Vibrations

Material: Recycled pipes, recycled Umbrella fabric,retired men Collaborators: Hong Kong Woman Workers’ Association, local metalsmith, students.

Location: Statue Square, Central HK

I’m listening, heartbeating, handworking Accidentally, I found the pipes from the rooftop, I felt so sorry for them. They served us for many years but we tend to neglect them under the sun and typhoon. This umbilical cord-like pipe connect treasured water to different flats, however, most of the time, we don’t know our neighbours. We don’t care what happened next door. This work is mainly constructed by recycled pipes from the city, but they are indeed connecting people and they resonate from their vibrations. [source: jaffalam.com/human-vibrations-exhibition]

  • Jaffa Lam (born 1973) is a Chinese visual artist. She is known for her mixed-media sculptures and site-specific works that inquire into Hong Kong culture and history. Lam often uses recycled materials such as found fabric or wood from construction sites. She began focusing on community engagement and socially responsible art at the time of the SARS outbreak in Hong Kong in 2003. And since then, she has created many community-driven projects in Hong Kong and abroad. In 2006, she received the Asian Cultural Council’s Desiree and Hans Michael Jebsen Fellowship. Her works have been acquired by public institutions, including Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, and Chinese University of Hong Kong. Lam is also known as an educator. She is currently Academic Head at the Hong Kong Art School. [source Wikipedia]