[ISEA2016] Artists Statement: Marie-Claude Poulin & Martin Kusch (kondition pluriel) — At Play

Artists Statement 

At Play is a responsive audio-visual environment that invites visitors to make stacking combinations with plastic storage bins to build the architectural landscape of the installation. Miniature versions of containers that carry goods to world markets, these everyday objects are playfully moved around by visitors to the exhibition like pieces of an interactive puzzle.

Resonance chambers, light sources and dynamic projection surfaces all at the same time, the boxes are integrated into a pattern recognition system that matches each sculptural composition with a particular visual and sonic atmosphere. The projected images and sound ambiances embed the visitors in fictional worlds in which they become the actors.

The grey material of the objects, fused with the lighting of the projected 3D imagery, comes to life through multiple trompe-l’œil nuances. The acoustic universe takes its source from the immediate environment of the installation, and both image and sound undergo a series of transformations in real time that imbues the grey boxes with a mysterious expressive power that has political undertones. konditionpluriel.org/projects/at-play

  • Marie-Claude Poulin & Martin Kusch are kondition pluriel. kondition pluriel is known for its research, development and creation activities in the fields of contemporary dance, performative installations and interactive environments. The group’s creations and the theoretical debate generated by its performances have made it a reference in the field that combines live arts and media arts. Based in Montréal, the group produces performances and installations presented in galleries, public spaces, museums and theatres around the world. The company was founded in 2000 by Marie-Claude Poulin and Martin Kusch. Marie-Claude has worked as a dancer, notably with Benoît Lachambre and Meg Stuart. Trained in kinanthropology, she has taught in the field of somatic education for many years. Martin studied visual and media arts. He is currently practicing in that field and teaches at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. The two artistic directors are currently working with associated artists Alexandre St-Onge, Johannes Hucek, Malte Niedringhaus and Audrey Rochette. konditionpluriel.org

With the support of: Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, Canada Council for the Arts