[ISEA2016] Curator Statement: SAT (Curator) — Curated program of dome works in Cupola

Curator Statement

ISEA2016 Parallel Programme

These four short works and three excerpts of longer works were created in art residencies at Montreal’s Society for Arts and Technology (SAT). Founded in 1996, SAT is a non-profit organization recognized internationally for its active, leading role in developing immersive technologies, augmented reality and creative use of high-speed networks. Its premises harbours the SATOSPHERE, a permanent modular dome, dedicated to the development and presentation of 360° immersive experiences.

CUPOLA is a visualization dome developed at the CityU SCM Applied Laboratory for Interactive Visualization and Embodiment (ALIVE)


  1. Yan Breuleux & Sam & Sam — Swarm
  2. Dustyn Lucas — Pluroma
  3. Sean Caruso & Paul Currie — Multiverse
  4. Patrick Trudeau & Orbital — Darkmatter
  5. John Adams & Kent Nagano — Harmonielehre (Excerpt)
  6. Yan Breuleux  & Jean Ranger  — Re-Generation (Excerpt)
  • Society for Arts and Technology, Montreal, Canada,  is a non-profit organization that operates as a center for artists, research and training in digital arts. Multiple entity if there is one, it deploys its meaning at the crossroads of technology, music, art and design; the SAT welcomes and supports researchers and creators from here and elsewhere in order to support creation across its entire spectrum. Founded originally in order to organise ISEA95. sat.qc.ca
SAT’s Satosphere