[ISEA2016] Artist Statement: Jay Lei Pui Weng — Food Chain

Artist Statement

Animation, 2015, 1’5”, ISEA2016 Hong Kong Open Sky Project Honorable Mention

Combing minimal animation with the unique shape of the ICC building, ‘Food Chain’ is a series of whimsical incidents about predator and prey. Jay hopes to bring a moment of humor to this highly dense concrete jungle by using the power of imagination.

  • Jay Lei Pui Weng, Taiwan, is an animation director and multidisciplinary artist. He graduated from Utrecht University of the Arts in The Netherlands with a Master Degree in Animation. He specialises in visual storytelling with an emphasis on creativity, emotion and aesthetic of the works, through a variety of media such as illustration, animation and projection art. [source: soundandimagechallenge.com/juries]