[ISEA2016] Curator Statement: Gallery360 — Four Installations

Curator Statement 

ISEA2016 Parallel Programme

Gallery360 is the CityU School of Creative Media’s immersive 360-de­gree stereoscopic visualization environment, which has evolved from the groundbreaking AVIE system developed in 2006 at the UNSW iCinema Research Centre (Australia). Besides its landmark applications in digital cultural heritage, numerous internationally acclaimed research projects have explored its unique capabilities as a platform for artistic expres­sion, future cinema, and data visualization. Callery360 is located at the Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre.


  1. Dennis Del Favero with Stephen Sewell, Jeffrey Shaw, Elwira Titan, Peter Weibel: Atmoscape
  2. Alan Price: Green Corn Dance
  3. Ellen Pearlman — Noor: A Brain Opera
  4. Roderick Coover, Arthur Nishimoto, Scott Rettberg & Daria Tsoupikova — Hearts And Minds: The Interrogations Project

  • Gallery360 is Hong Kong’s City U School of Creative Media’s immersive 360-degree stereoscopic visualization environment. School of Creative Media, the region’s first such institution, located in the stunning, one-of-a-kind, building designed by the world-renowned architect Daniel Libeskind (Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre), was founded to nurture a new generation of entrepreneurial interdisciplinary artists and creative media professionals, and to be a hub of innovation for the creative industries in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and abroad. The Creative Media Centre is named after Sir Run Run Shaw (1907 – 2014), who was a Hong Kong entertainment mogul and philanthropist. It was funded with a donation of HK$100 million from the Shaw Foundation. [sources scm.cityu.edu.hk and Wikipedia].