[ISEA2016] Artist Statement: Teddy Yeung Man Lo — Spectrum Manners II

Artist Statement

Animation, 2015, 2’12”, ISEA2016 Hong Kong Open Sky Project Honorable Mention

This is the animated version of the performance art light painting series by Teddy Lo. Spectrum Manners series is an abstract expression and exploration of programmable LED fixtures and body motions of the artist and long exposure photography by the photographer. For ICC Open Sky project, the artist reverse engineered the still photography into a motion graphic sequence for the media façade projection on the building.

Collaborator : Vahn Wan
Sound by : DJ Gie

  • Teddy Yeung Man Lo, HK, is concerned with the integration of spiritual ideas in the physical-scientific world. My work is inspired by current technologies and technological reality. It manifests in artistic expressions through light. teddylo.tv