[ISEA2016] Artist Statement: Alan Price — Green Corn Dance

Artist Statement

Performance at the CMC Gallery 360 ISEA2016 Exhibition

Influenced by Inuit tradition, Green Corn Dance is a music composition scored by John Luther Adams. Computer graphics are driven in real time by the music to produce a visual perspective on global climate change. Images of animals and human technology were mined from the internet and procedurally altered with the appearance of raw film scratches or rock art. Six microphones, one for each musician, are connected to a computer rendering the visuals in real time. The sound of the performers trigger the rapid transitions between line drawings and appearance of film sequences, all of which are procedurally generated.
Video: Green Corn Dance

Video still from Vimeo
  • Alan Price designs and creates real time responsive animation, virtual enviroments and networked interactive applications. His work is exhibited internationally and is on permanent display in museums of art, technology, science, and history, including an international MUSE award for technology in museums. His background as an animator and filmmaker emphasizes narrative and cinematic structure in his works with immersive and interactive storytelling. His animation and film work has been awarded and exhibited at numerous film festivals including Black Maria, Transmediale, Humboldt, Anima Mundi, and Ann Arbor, among others. Utilizing real time computer graphics technology and a combination of ready-made and custom hardware, he creates virtual environments, interactive performances, moblie apps and responsive spaces to explore alternative forms of personal expression in time-based digital media. asc.ohio-state.edu/price.566