[ISEA2016] Artist Statement: Eylul Duranagac — Connect 

Artist Statement

Animation, 2015, 3’42”, ISEA2016 Hong Kong Open Sky Project Honorable Mention

While using the Nasa’s star map and celestial scientific data (which comes from coordinates of the building), we also will blend topographical data with it and prepare an Audio/Visual performance formed with this informations. The inspiration comes from Hong Kong’s terrain, star pattern map above the International Commerce Center Tower and NASA’s set of star maps was created by plotting the position, brightness, and color of just over 100 million stars from the Bright Star, Tycho-2, and UCAC3 star catalogs.

Direction&Design&Animation: Ouchhh ouchhh.tv
Sound Design: Audiofil

  • Eylul Duranagac, Turkey, is a award winning Designer and New Media Artist. Eylul Duranagac is the Creative Director at OUCHHH. In her work, Eylul’s goal is to augment the relationship between science, astrophysics and geological environments by employing design principles inspired and engineered by nature, and implementing them in new media arts.  eylulduranagac.com