Proceedings / Catalogues

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ISEA2016 Hong Kong [Proceedings]

ISEA2015 Vancouver, Canada [Catalogue] [Proceedings external link]

ISEA2014 Dubai, AUE [Proceedings]

ISEA2013 Sydney, Australia [Proceedings]

ISEA2012 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA [Proceedings] [Catalogue] [Preliminary Program] [Program]

ISEA2011 Istanbul, Turkey  [Proceedings] [Catalogue]

ISEA2010 Essen/Dortmund/Duisburg, Germany [Proceedings]

ISEA2009 Belfast, Northern Ireland [Proceedings] [Catalogue]

ISEA2008 Singapore [Proceedings]

ISEA2006 San José, USA [Proceedings]

ISEA2004 Helsinki, Finland; Tallinn, Estonia; Baltic Sea – proceedings not available

ISEA2002 Nagoya, Japan [Proceedings]

ISEA2000 Paris, France [Proceedings]

ISEA98 Liverpool/Manchester, UK – proceedings not available

ISEA97 Chicago, Illinois USA [Proceedings]

ISEA96 Rotterdam, Netherlands [Proceedings]

ISEA95 Montréal, Canada [Proceedings]

ISEA94 Helsinki, Finland [Catalogue]

FISEA 1993 Minneapolis, USA [Abstracts and Artist Statements] [Papers]

TISEA 1992 Sydney, Australia [Proceedings]

SISEA 1990 Groningen, Netherlands [Proceedings]

FISEA 1988 Utrecht, Netherlands [Proceedings]