[ISEA2015] Presentations

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Keynote Presentations

Paper Presentations

Climate Change
Environments + Ecology
Art, Wellbeing and Society
Communities: Culture and Art in the Field
Intangible Heritage
Cities and Urbanism
Communities: Public Art
Exploring Culture through Visualization and Interaction
Interactive Text
GeoPolitics and Activism
Disruptive Methodology
Bodies and Presence
Embodied Interaction and Dance
Expanding Performance
Movement and Bodies
Liquid Transformations
Interacting with the Virtual
Virtual Reality


MetaCreators: The Generative Artists
Generation and Human Factors
Generative Visuals
Networked and Mobile Sound
Generative Sound
Brains in Electronic Arts
Smart Materials
Interacting with Visual Art and Graphic Design
Evaluation and Valuation
Subversion Conceptions

Raivo Kelomees — Artist’s experiment and scientific experiment: the “provability” and creative distinctiveness of an artwork
Julian Stadon — Hybrid Ontologies: An Attempt to Define Networked Mixed Reality Art
Lizzie Muller, Jill Bennett, Lynn Froggett & Vanessa Bartlett — Understanding Third Space: Evaluating Art-Science Collaboration

DIY Instruments and Sound
DIY Processes
Theory and Critique
Navigating Communities and Data

Poster Sessions

Artist Talks 

Panels & Round Tables



Institutional Presentations

  • Bonnie Mitchell, Wim van der Plas, Peter Anders, Ian Clothier & Sue Gollifer — ISEA International
  • Diego S. Maranan, Frank Loesche & Sue Denham — Plymouth University CogNovo: Cognitive Innovation for Technological, Artistic, and Social Domains
  • Jen Mizuik, Kerry Stauffer & Tyler Jordan — Banff Centre: the Intersection of Art and Ideas
  • Christiane Paul — Designing a Curriculum for the Post-Medium Age: School of Media Studies, The New School, New York
  • Jil P. Weaving & Laura Lee Coles — Repurposing Urban Space: Arts as the Catalyst for Change
  • Jill Scott — The Artists-in-Labs program: Institute of Cultural Studies, ZHDK
  • Joris Weijdom & Kaisu Koski — HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, Media and Performance Laboratory: Learning by doing, making by playing, sharing by performing
  • Sarah Reid, Ajay Kapur & Perry Cook — Kadenze: An Interactive MOOC Platform for Arts & Technology
  • Adam Trowbridge & Jessica Westbrook — Array [ ] New Media Approaches for 2035
  • Alain Thibault — AUTOMATA: Art made by machines for machines 3rd International Digital Art Biennial
  • Aleksandra Dulic — The Centre for Culture and Technology at the University of British Columbia
  • Allison Collins & Db Boyko — Western Front
  • Anastasios Maragiannis — University of Greenwich, Department of Creative Professions & Digital Arts: Digital Grand Challenge
  • Caroline Salaun — Association de création et diffusion sonore et électronique: Avatar
  • Christopher Coleman — Emergent Digital Practices Program at the University of Denver
  • Claudio Rivera-Seguel — University of Concepcion: Master in Digital Communication
  • Cynthia Rubin & Rejane Spitz — Digital Arts Committee of ACM SIGGRAPH
  • Don Sinclair & Mark-David Hosale — Educational Institution: Digital Media Programs at York University, Toronto
  • Greg Corness — Educational Institution: Interactive Arts and Media Department at Columbia College Chicago
  • Janet Bellotto & Adina Hempel — Zayed University, Dubai
  • Jeremy Keenan & Tom Slater — Approaches to the production and curation of multichannel sound art
  • Jinsil Hwaryoung Seo — Soft Interaction Lab, Department of Visualization, Texas A&M University
  • Leo Bridle & Carla Rapoport — The Lumen Prize Exhibition
  • Liane Davison, Jordan Strom & Alison Rajah — Anticipating the Net Generation and Beyond: Surrey Art Gallery’s Commitment to the Production and Presentation of Digital Art
  • Martin Kusch & Ruth Schnell — Digital Art Department, University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Matthias Tarasiewicz & Andrew Newman — JRC: Journal for Research Cultures
  • Mike Nutt & Alisa Katz — North Carolina State University Library Program, Code+Art: Computing the Aesthetic of the 21st Century Library
  • Mike Stubbs, Peter Zorn & Susa Popp — European Collaboration and Exchange
  • Moritz Behrens — University College of London: The Bartlett Space Syntax Laboratory
  • Nina Valkanova — Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design
  • Patrick Harrop & Robin Dupuis — Perte De Signal
  • Ryan Stec & Remco Volmer — Artengine: a center for art, design and research
  • Stahl Stenslie — Art & Technology @ Aalborg University
  • Stephane Natkin & Cecile Le Prado — ENJMIN: The graduate school of Video Games and Interactive Media

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