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Other Plenary Sessions 

  • ISEA International board — Annual General Meeting


Algorithms / Generative Art (3D) 

Game Art and Digital Narrative

Photography / Film / Video

Light Art

Interactive Art


Digital Heritage

Digital Body and Performance

Bio Art

Environmental Art

Ecological Art

Data Visualization and Sonification

Human-Robot Interaction

Internet Art

Digital Performance

Education and Community

Social Impact and Socio-Technical Systems

Curatorial Practice

Creative AI

Design and Public Art

Digital Fabrication

VR / AR – Immersive Experience

VR / AR – Self Reflection

VR / AR – Auditory Media

VR / AR – Social

VR / AR – Virtual Self



Penumbra in faint light: contemporary art and technology in Latin America
Practices and Poetics of Urban Media Art in the Shadows of the Illuminated City
Machine Flaws in Generative Art
Rational Games for Biological Spaces
  • Songwei Ge, Austin Dill, Eunsu Kang, Chun-Liang Li, Lingyao Zhang Manzil Zaheer & Barnabas Poczos — Panel Intro
Other Panels

Round Tables

Artist Talks

Augmented Feelings & Artificial Environment

Virtual Reality

Media Performance


Data Visualization

Robotic Art

Living with Machines (AI)


Creativity in the Future

Rethinking the Future

Institutional Presentations