[ISEA2019] Paper: Jing Han — Transformation and Regeneration of the Chinese Traditional Oiled- Paper Umbrella in Contemporary New Media Art


Keywords: New media art, Chinese oiled-paper umbrella, Traditional skills, Regeneration

This study explores the aesthetic value and its new media-mediated pronunciation of Chinese traditional oiled-paper umbrella. As a traditional Chinese household item, the oiledpaper umbrella has a long history and combines practical and aesthetic functions. It is rich in aesthetic, spatial and decorative beauties. It has rich historical and cultural connotation and aesthetic values crystallizing the Chinese wisdom. At present, under the impact of the machinery industry, the traditional oiled-paper umbrella is gradually replaced by the steel frame umbrella or the new material and new technology, and is gradually withdrawn from people’s lives. As a new art form that combines technology and art, new media art is an effective medium for transforming and regenerating the traditional techniques and cultures, enabling the life of traditional oiled-paper umbrellas to be activated and regenerated, so that traditional techniques and cultures can be activated, inherited and developed in the new era.

  • Jing Han, lecturer of Digital Media Teaching and Research Department, College of Fine Arts and Design, Tianjin Normal University, teaching Digital Media Series Courses. The main direction of academic research are computer animation and theoretical research. Focus on the combination of computer animation and Chinese traditional culture, and published a number of professional papers in domestic core journals.

Full text (PDF) p. 424-427