[ISEA2019] Poster: Dongwoo Shin & Yongsoon Choi — A study on images that can give intensive perception in photo archive exhibition

Poster Statement

Keywords: ‘Aesthetic Experience’, ‘Complex perception’, ‘Digital Photo Archive’, ‘Digital Exhibition’


The use of photographs for records is still being done as a significant medium for archives. The museum uses those photo-graphic records to organize exhibitions so that visitors can experience educational, aesthetic, and emotional experiences. However, the perception in a diversified digital medium has a form different from that of existing photographs. This is caused by common digital devices and by a visually stimulating form when exposed to the user by them. Therefore, this study aimed at proposing a display method using cinema graphs as a photograph that visitors can focus more on an exhibition consisting of photo archives. Art galleries and museums plan or archive exhibitions by using that collected pho-to graphs as visual materials.

  • Dongwoo Shin & Yongsoon Choi, Dept. Art & Technology. Sogang University, Seoul, Republic of Korea

Full text (PDF) p. 640-641

This research was supported by the MIST(Ministry of Science ICT), Korea, under the National Program for Excellence in SW)(2015-0-00910) supervised by the IITP(Institute for Information & Communications Technology Planning & Evaluation)