[ISEA2019] Art Events

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Art Exhibitions

Asia Cultural Center


ACT Festival 2019: FoodHack, the exhibition

Concerts & Performances

ACT Festival 2019: FoodHack, A/V Performances

  • Michela Pelusio — Space Time Helix
  • Tatsuru Arai — Quantum-ton
  • Lu Sisi — The age of digital/analogue
  • Cadie Desbiens-Desmules & Michael Dean — Membrane
  • CLAUDE — Impermanence
  • CLAUDE — Wave
  • Kohui — Construct V3
  • Kohui — Anthropogenic
  • Alexis Langevin-Tétrault — Interférence (String Network)
  • Monica Vlad — Lost, but not lost forever
  • Sabina Hyoju Ahn — Breath
  • CNDSD & Ivan Abreu — Coding In Atypical Places


Associated Events

ISEA2019 Residency Programme (with the Asian Culture Institute and as ACT Showcase)

General Events

Chosun University Public Exhibit on ACC Court Yard 

  • Chosun University Department of Art (Curator) –– Media Art Productions
  • Han Jung Hee, Seong Yeon Ho, Mun Mi Jung, Choi Jeen Soo, Cho Ha Eun, Lee Ha Na, Park Sea Hee, Choi Yoon Jung — The course of the journey
  • Jung Deok Yong, Seo Yea In, Lee Dan Bi, Hong Ji Hye, Yang Yea Lim, Kim Tae Yang — Crowd
  • Yoon Sang Ha, Bae U Ri, Kim Ji Eun, Choi So Young, Kim Won Wi, Go Jung Hun — Two lights and artificial cloud