[ISEA2019] Roundtable: Wim van der Plas — Electronic Art Archives Platform, A Round Table Discussion

Panel Statement

Keywords: Electronic Art, Media Art, Archives, Co-operation, Platform, Research.


This panel session is a continuation of an initiative taken at ISEA2018 in which a roundtable of practitioners and academics from around the globe participated in the discussion. The topics for this panel include the continued discussion of:

1) how to equitably, comprehensively, and legally capture the content of past symposia, exhibitions, and performances and
2) co-operation of existing online electronic art/new media archives for the purpose of creating a comprehensive archive. As well as these issues the meeting identified other critical topics including:

  1. institutional and electronic hosting
  2. funding, grant writing
  3. development of archive toolkit
  4. standards for archive inclusion (difference in value systems for art and science)

The aim is not to solve all these questions, but to bring cooperation (and implicitly, the work on these issues) a step further.

  • Wim van der Plas studied Social & Cultural Sciences at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. After that he was director of the Foundation for Creative Computer Applications (Rotterdam) that initiated the First International Symposium on Electronic Art. He organised the first, second and seventh ISEA symposium and co-ordinated the continued occurrence of the symposia. After leaving the board of ISEA International in 2017, he is the archivist for the Online ISEA Symposium Archives and chair of the ISEA International Advisory Committee.

Full text (PDF) p. 717-718