[ISEA95] Presentations

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Other Plenary Sessions:

ISEA Plenary (Annual General Meeting)

  • Theo Hesper, Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
  • Wim van der Plas, Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts — AGM
  • Anton van Gemert, Alex Adriaansens & Gepke Bouma, ISEA96 (Rotterdam, Netherlands)
  • Michael Rodemer & Shawn Decker, ISEA97 (Chicago, USA)
  • Axel Wirtz, John Bryne & Martin Sperka, 3 Proposals for ISEA98
  • Mr. Pattanayah,  Proposal for ISEA99
  • Anne-Marie Duguet & Pierre Levy, Proposal for ISEA2000
  • Xavier Berenguer, Proposal for ISEA2001
  • Minna Tarkka, ISEA94 matters
  • Monique Savoie, Nancy Tobin & Alain  Mongeau, ISEA95 evaluation and aftermath

Paper and Poster Presentations:

Remark: although all papers were delivered (or simultaneously translated) in english, some of the titles, abstracts and papers are in french only.

Panels and Round Table Discussions:

1. Recombinant Culture

 2. Gender and Technology: What Problem?

3. Narratives, Interactivity and Metaphors

4. Three-space, Time-base, In-yer-face Art: The Aesthetics of Real Space Interactives

5. Sounding Out Genders: Women Sound Artists Talk about Gender and Technology

6. Body Matters

7. Emerging Architectures

8. Sound in Space – Seismic Moments

9. Emerging Art Practices

10. Artificial Life: Challenges and Possibilities

11.  Artistic Identity on the Net

12. Body Narratives

13. Centers and Institutes for Art and Technology

  • Luc Courchesne — Panel Intro
  • Otto Piene — CAVS/MIT 1968-94
  • Sara Diamond — Crossing Boundaries: The Banff Center for the Arts and Interdisciplinary New-Media
  • Pierre Bongiovanni — Bio
  • Astrid Sommer
  • Itsuo Sakane — Bio

14. Digital Tools: Creative Development and Developing Creativity

15. Sharing Subjectivities: Exploring new concepts of interface design

16. Computers and Sculpture in the USA & France

 17. Cosmic Creativity

18. The Ideology of Interactivity: Freedom, Choice, Creativity

19. Electronic Art and Audience

(Round Table with Curators, Critics, and Observers)

Thematic Meetings:

Conversion between Culture and Technology: the Role of Government

  • Pierre Levy (France)
  • Paul Hoffert (Canada)
  • Jean Talbot (Canada)
  • Gerri Sinclair (Canada)
  • Guy Bertrand (Canada)

Changing Configurations: Image, Art and Technology

  • Timothy Druckery (USA)
  • Carol Dallaire (Canada)
  • Hubertus von Amelunxen (Germany)
  • Alain Renaud (France)

What Happened to the Pioneers?

  • Monique Brunet-Weinmann (Canada)
  • Dina Dar (USA)
  • Marisa Gonzalez (Spain)
  • Sarah Jackson (USA)
  • Doreen Lindsay (Canada)
  • Joan Lyons (USA)
  • Sonia Landy Sheridan (USA)
  • Nell Tenhaaf (Canada)
  • M. Abdenour Amal (France)
  • Barbara Astman (USA)
  • Lieve Prins (Netherlands)
  • Jacques Charbonneau

Institutional Presentations: