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 Paper Presentations

Public Lecture

Panels and Round Table Discussions

Invited Panels

Culture, Technology and Asian Pop Culture
  • Adrian David Cheok (chair)
Way to Go: The Impact of Process on Artists’ Residencies in Science and Research Settings
  • Vicki Sowry (ANAT, Australia) (Chair)
  • Oron Catts (SymbioticA, Australia),
  • Roger Malina (Leonardo, France),
  • Denisa Kera (Transgenesis, Czech Republic),
  • Arantxa Mendiharat (Disonancias, Spain),
  • Irene Hediger (Artists in Labs, Switzerland),
  • Lonce Wyse (ISEA2008 AIR programme, Singapore),
  • Marta de Menezes (Ectopia, Portugal)
  • Anne Kienhuis (Arts & Genomics Center, Netherlands).
Copyright And The Creative Commons
  • Samtani Anil & Harry Tan (chairs)
Passing and Peril on the Information Super Highway
  • Kóan Jeff Baysa (chair)
Animated Ideas: Investigating the Language of Animation
  • Hiroshi Yoshioka (chair)
Transitio_MX Curatorial Approaches: Impolis, In(communities) and Free Synthesis
  • Tania Aedo, Director of Laboratorio Arte Alameda (chair)

Other Panels

Intelligent Architecture
Curating in/as Open System(s)
Eastern-Western Interaction in Digital Media
From isolation to networking: Cyber homosovieticus in search of promised land
Mediated Hauntings: Conjuring Cultural Memory in the Present
Locating Cyberfeminism

Round Table

Luminous Green in Singapore: Electronic arts in turbulent weather
  • Maja Kuzmanovic (chair)

Institutional Presentations:

  • Deborah Lawler-Dormer & Frances Joseph — Communities of Inquiry: The Development of Co-Lab, Aotearoa (New Zealand)
  • Sabine Himmelsbach — Edith Russ Haus
  • Miki Fukuda & Takayuki Fujimoto — Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media (YCAM)
  • Kerstin Mey — ISEA2009@ISEA2008
  • Gustaff Iskandar — Common Room
  • Kathy Rae Huffman — CornerHouse
  • Oliver Grau — Media Art Histories Initiative
  • Konrad Becker — “Non Stop Future”, New practices in Art and Media (Book Launch)
  • Venzha Christ — House of Natural Fiber
  • Danny Butt — PLACE (Book Launch)
  • Su Ballard, Zita Joyce & Stella Brenna (ADA) — The Aotearoa Digital Arts Reader (Panel and Book Launch)
  • Tania Aedo — Lab Media Alameda
  • Paul Sermon — MA-Net
  • Ampat Varghese et al — Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology
  • Annette Wolfsberger & Floor van Spaendonck — Virtueel Platform
  • Kees de Groot & Viola van Alphen — PLANETART
  • Melentie Pandilovski — Experimental Art Foundation and Launch of Art In The Biotech Era
  • Colin Reaney & Isak Berbic — Phase3, College of Fine Arts and Design, University of Sharjah
  • Hasnizam Abdul Wahid — Computer-Related Experiments in Art and Technology Studio (c.r.e.a.t.e.s): Locating Media, Medium and Content

Artist Presentations

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